Braces Treatment Kodungallur

Braces Treatment in Kodungallur

Braces Treatment in Kodungallur can transform your look and this will lay a foundation for wonderful oral health.

Benefits of Braces

The benefits of braces stretch beyond your expectations when it comes to cosmetic dentistry. When you wear braces, it will increase your self-esteem as well as confidence. You should consider them if you have a condition where braces are a requirement.

Braces will provide you with a perfect tooth and bite alignment. Some of the benefits include:

Enhancing food-chewing skills

Enhancing impediments in the speech

Hassle-free to floss, brush and cleanse teeth

Decrease in levels of periodontal disease as well as cavities

Fewer chances of chipping and tooth fracture

Decrease in the chance of damage from jutting teeth

Your Expectations About This Procedure

Book Appointment

Our orthodontists will do a complete evaluation and then provide you with the information as to whether you need the braces or not. You can ask questions about any type of issue related to your teeth.

Transform Your Smile

You can get the braces tightened as well as the application of new colored ligature ties. We provide different types of vibrant ties in multiple colors. Each time, you can change the look of your braces. You can also select the shade of your choice.

New beautiful smile

When your teeth are in the perfect alignment, you will get your best smile after the removal of braces. Fitting with retainers sustains your new beautiful new smile. We make the retainers for you.

Because of advancements in the field of orthodontics, braces are more comfortable as well as unnoticeable for all age groups.

Prior Consultation

At the time of your first visit for braces treatment at Kodungallur, our orthodontists will do a complete evaluation. After this, they will decide whether braces are a requirement or not.

You can express concerns regarding teeth or ask questions at the time of your appointment. If you need therapy, you will be provided with a treatment plan and also with an estimated date of completion.

Next, you can schedule a meeting with the treatment coordinator for fees as well as insurance coverage. We provide you with interest-free monthly or payment plans every quarter. We also provide discounts on complete payment.

Initial Records

Your journey for a new smile has already commenced. First and foremost, we need your diagnostic records. These initial records comprise digital x-rays, and photographs apart from the teeth impression models.

Our orthodontists make use of each component for developing the finest treatment plan for you. Your other appointment will be between two to four weeks.

Bracket Placement

We make use of an indirect bonding approach for attaching braces to your teeth. Your braces are fitted with an archwire tightened by making use of ligature ties. Some additional details are below:

Such an appointment lasts an hour. You will get instructions regarding the care of braces. You will also get a list of foods you need to abstain from and some of these are bubble gum, nuts, taffy, etc.

Regular Visits about Adjustments

We will make a schedule regarding your office visits. The gap will be between 4 and 12 weeks regarding the changes in braces. During such visits, your colorful ligature ties are refreshed or replaced. The archwire is reactivated. The time duration for the appointment for braces treatment in Kodungallur ranges from 10 to 20 minutes.