Crown & Bridges Treatment Kodungallur

Crown & Bridges Treatment in Kodungallur

What Are Bridges And Crowns?

Crowns and bridges are an alternative option to removable prostheses like dentures for the replacement of missing teeth. A crown is a cap acting as a protection cover for the cracked, stained, or weak tooth and preventing extra damage in the time to come. A bridge is a prosthesis replacing the lost tooth between one to three in succession.

Bridges make use of the abutment teeth on either side of the gap and these are topped with dental crowns. The gap created because of the missing tooth is then filled with the pontic tooth attached to the dental crowns.

Crowns and bridges can only be eradicated by a dental specialist because due to joining by glue, they cannot be eradicated at home.

Crowns and Bridges in Kodungallur

Contrary to removable prosthetics like dentures, crowns, as well as bridges, are the two options for replacement of the missing teeth. A crown is a cap preventing further harm to a broken, discolored, or weak tooth. A bridge is a prosthetic replacing one to three missing teeth in a row.

Bridges that use the abutment teeth on either side of the gap are engulfed with dental crowns. After that, a pontic tooth linked to dental crowns fills the area left by the missing tooth. Crowns and bridges in Kodungallur need to be eradicated by a qualified dentist as these are glued in place and cannot be removed at home.

Why do you require a Bridge Or A Crown?

A crown helps in case of weak or broken teeth because of wear and tear, oral trauma, or decay of the tooth. Since the root canal weakens the tooth, you can make use of it after the procedure.

When a tooth is worn or broken or chipped, a dental crown helps to rebuild the structure of the tooth. It also provides the strength of the tooth apart from resistance to endure the bite force. Apart from that, crowns are required to secure the dental implants or for holding the bridge in the right placement.

A dental bridge used for replacing the missing teeth in the mouth is an alternate option for fixed partial dentures. A bridge can replace up to three successively lost teeth. The credit goes to the pontic tooth joined to two dental crowns. You can now chew, and speak in a clear manner, apart from smiling again.

Consult a dental specialist for crowns and bridges in Kodungallur.