Dental Implant Treatment Kodungallur

Dental implant treatment in Kodungallur

Replacing Missing Teeth With Dental Implants in Kodungallur

We believe that no patient needs to leave our office with a missing tooth. Your dental implants act as a foundation for teeth replacement having the looks, feel, as well as function resembling natural teeth. Individuals carrying lost teeth can now eat all things and will have a confident smile. Their facial features are preserved and the teeth appear natural.

If some teeth are absent, we make use of little titanium posts injected into the jawbone. When there is a fusion of bone and titanium, a strong foundation of the artificial teeth takes place. Dental implants also assist in the maintenance of the shape of the face by stopping the bone loss that ultimately leads to the loss of a tooth.

Many patients need two surgical procedures to install dental implants. Implants are first injected into your jawbone. The implants attach to the jawbone in the first three to six months after the procedure while being hidden under the gum line.

As you wear the temporary device, you can function normally. Your dental specialist makes the final bridgework or denture at the same time, enhancing both functions as well as appearance.

Many patients need surgical procedures for the installation of the implants. The implants are initially placed in the jawbone. In the first three to six months after the procedure, the implants fuse with the jawbone and are hidden under the gum line.

You should be in a position to function in a normal manner after wearing the temporary device. At the same time, your dental specialist needs to make a final bridgework or denture, improving both function and appearance. Some other benefits are:


stability at the time of eating

preservation of both bone as well as gums

increase in the oral hygiene

greater aesthetics

nutritional benefits

Long Lasting

In comparison with bridges as well as dentures, dental implants may last for an extended period. In reality, the lifespan of dental implants exceeds 25 years.

When it comes to durability, dental implants outperform tooth other placement options and are a good financial decision as well. Dental implant treatment in Kodungallur is your good choice.