Dental Veneers Kodungallur

dental Veneers in Kodungallur

Dental veneers could be a resolution for getting wonderful which might be one of the desires of your life. You can see yourself with a new grin of photogenic perfection. Dental veneers as well as laminates are a fine treatment option for the resolution of tooth staining or minor misalignment.

Dental veneers comprise thin shells stuck to the front portion of your teeth to change the look of the teeth. For a major time duration, the smile of the patient is transformed in a single appointment. The adjustability of the veneers, fused with the mastery of our dental specialists, can both redesign as well as reconstruct your complete smile.

It depends on your decision as to whether you are interested in a cosmetic procedure for changing or transforming your smile or if you want the procedure for just one tooth. You can speak to the expert for dental veneers at Kodungallur.

Do I Require Veneers?

If you are interested in an invasive procedure related to cosmetic dentistry for increasing the look of your smile, veneers can be a good choice for you. Veneers have the potential to completely adapt and tackle the problems mentioned below:

Uneven teeth

teeth having cracks or chips

Teeth comprising space in between

Crossing teeth

uneven sizes of the tooth

teeth with unusual looks

Little teeth with improper proportion

Stained teeth or teeth that are discolored

The teeth for which this procedure is to be performed should not have the tooth rot. If you do not have such a condition, you will be an acceptable candidate for veneers.

Before the procedure for veneers, you need to get the decay eradicated. For this entire process, you can fix an appointment with the dental specialist.

Perfect Your Smile

Dental veneers can be repaired fast if you have teeth with stains because of morning coffee or various other substances responsible for tooth stains. If you have chipped or misaligned teeth to a certain extent that do not need braces, you can go for this procedure.

Whitening Is Not Successful

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure if there is discoloration. However, some patients want fast transformation when it comes to tooth whitening or teeth misalignment or if there is unevenness in the teeth.

Worn, Chips, Cracked, Or Broken Tooth

Even if you have healthy and strong teeth, there can still be other factors that display wear. With the dental laminates at Kodungallur, dental experts fuse the best color and form for providing you with a dream smile.

Teeth Carrying Gaps

A space between the teeth, whether big or small, will impact your way of eating and smiling. Some like to have a tooth gap, but certain individuals need improvement or are comfortable with it.

If you need confidence about your smile or want to fix teeth spaced in an even fashion, you can fix an appointment with the dental specialist for veneers.

The prime material used in veneers can be porcelain or composite resin. Porcelain is generally advised by cosmetic dentists because of its durability, and stain resistance, apart from strength. Composite veneers have the option of reversal but the same is not the case with porcelain veneers.