Invisible Aligners in Kodungallur

Invisible Aligners in Kodungallur

Invisalign aligners are a good option for your mouth if you have a teeth alignment problem. The prime constituent in the clear aligners, also called the invisible braces, is stiff plastic. We offer the best invisible aligners in Kodungallur. Various companies manufacture these products.

Vacuum formed trays

Invisible aligners have 3D design and 3D printed technology. For the stimulation of the desired movement in the teeth, we make use of high-tech software. The teeth will slowly move to the desired position because of the clear aligner trays. Generally, there will be a 0.2 mm shift in a period of around 20 days. We will have to change the next trays.

Not the traditional orthodontics

Treatment by the invisible aligners in Kodungallur varies from traditional orthodontics. In the treatment, the teeth are shifted with metal wires and brackets. If comparing, invisible aligners will offer you an advantage.

Comfort level The aggression level of these clear aligners is low on the tissues and soft gums. The reason is plastic. You are not subject to ulcers or inflammation when you wear these braces. After the appointment with our orthodontist at Mahim, you can discuss this.

Less stress With the invisible braces, you will be subject to less stress. The prime reason for this is that the invisible braces do not use wires or aggressive torque. Because of this, the pain is up to a lesser extent.

Clean Because of the tendency to remove, the invisible aligners may not be subject to uncleanliness because once you remove these trays, you can clean them frequently and keep your oral hygiene intact. It becomes easy for you to maintain oral hygiene with these trays. On the other hand, if you use metal braces, the difficulty level of maintaining oral hygiene will increase. The reason is you cannot remove them.

No compromise on the diet Because of the removable property of the Invisalign aligners, you do not have to worry about eating food. After you remove these, you can eat anything, but the same is not true with metallic ones.


The cost for the invisible aligners in Kodungallur will depend on multiple factors like dental history, oral complexity, and the type of invisible aligner you are finalising with the orthodontist.


You can call our dental clinic in Mihan by phone or mail to finalise the appointment with our orthodontist.