Laser Treatment

The latest technology to improve patient care

Dental lasers are now becoming more widespread , although they have been used successfully in the USA and Germany for very many years.

Uses of Dental Lasers:

To create a better gum line around natural teeth, crowns and veneers.

To remove lesions in the mouth, such as polyps, without needing to be referred to hospital.

To remove overgrowths of gum around teeth.

To promote the healing of ulcers and cold sores.

To whiten teeth using a specialised whitening gel.

To sterilise the tissues in dental pockets and promote healing and bone regrowth.

To sterilise the bacteria in root canals during root treatments and increase healing.

Laser dentistry has the following advantages:

It can induce anaesthesia in the tooth so many restorations can be completed without local anaesthetics.

The noise is a ‘popping’ sound rather than the usual whine of a fast-speed drill.

Procedures that once took several appointments to complete, such as multiple fillings, can now be finished in just one visit.

Treatment can be more comfortable as there is no vibration.

Preventative dentistry can be more effective as smaller restorations can be prepared.

Tissue healing is faster and often occurs without swelling and with reduced post-operative pain.